Inspection Process

Be advised that the inspection report may be long and seem overwhelming. Perfect houses are a rarity and even new homes have at least a handful of issues to address. Rest assured that we will be available to answer any questions you may have after the inspection.  


The average inspection takes 2 - 3 hours to complete but this may vary depending on the size of the home.


We usually begin by examining the exterior of the house for any defects such as cracks in the foundation or improper grading of the surrounding soil. Then we move to the interior of the house. There the inspection begins on the highest accessible section of the house, which is usually the attic. We begin at the top of the house because water, the most common building damage causing agent, travels downwards. Meaning that the effects of a leak that begins  from the roof or upstairs bathroom may be seen several floors below. The inspection covers defects that can be detected without breaking down walls, ripping up flooring or causing any other substantial damage to the house. We will make our way from room to room, noting areas of concern. At the end of the inspection, the inspector will collect his/her notes and type up a finalized report. This report will be sent to you as well as your attorney. You can see a copy of our report form on the Sample Report page.